StoryCorps: Dave Kaptain & Larry Jones

Dave Kaptain started his career as a chemist for the Water Reclamation Department where he began to make changes to make the Elgin Area more environmentally friendly. He then went on to serve on the City Council and eventually became Mayor of Elgin.

Larry Jones started out as a police officer in South Elgin, and eventually became Chief of Police there. He now works for the city government of South Elgin. Dave Kaptain would like to see the environment and economics of Elgin improve from the bottom up. Larry Jones would like to see the infrastructure of South Elgin to be brought up-to-date with more funding.

Their Story was recorded on July 22, 2010.

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What Freedom Means to Me

In 2008, the Gail Borden Public Library hosted "The Tapestry of Freedom" community project. Community members were asked what freedom means to them and the results were compiled into this video:


Art Deco in Elgin

Originating in France during the 1920's,the Art Deco movement became popular across the United States. A collaboration between the Elgin Area Historical Society and the Chicago Art Deco Society results in this fascinating video production exploring the Art Deco movement in Elgin and beyond.  Be sure to visit the Elgin Area History Museum to see more examples from Elgin's Art Deco heritage.


Veteran History

From Basic Training to serving overseas, Elgin veterans share their first-hand experiences serving their country.

Black History in our Community

In 1862, 110 former slaves left the south by train to start the first black community in Elgin. Learn the history of these first settlers and see how their journey led to their views of freedom, slavery, discrimination, and hope for the future. 


After many years of research, the documentary, Project 2-3-1, was filmed to tell the story of African-American history in Elgin.  The film was produced in partnership with Grindstone Productions, Elgin Area Historical Society and Elginite Ernie Broadnax. More information can be found on the Elgin History Museum's website. The DVD is available for checkout at Gail Borden Public Library. 

Mr Alft's History

E.C. "Mike" Alft shares his experiences of growing up in the Great Depression and moving around before making Elgin his home town in 1950. Since retiring as a high school economics teacher, Mr Alft has dedicated himself to preserving the history of our community.