What is a PIN?

A PIN is your Personal Identification Number and provides additional security when you use your library card.

When is a PIN be required?

A PIN is required when you wish to:
  • Place a hold/reserve on an item using the library catalog.
  • Log into your account to view your account status and to renew materials online.
  • Reserve titles in one of the library's Media Dispensers.
  • Check out materials using one of the library's self checks.
  • Access some of the library's online resources.
  • Log in to use an Internet PC at either of the library's locations.

What if I don't yet have a PIN?

Everyone with a valid library card already has a PIN. Your original PIN was assigned based upon information you provided when you registered for your library card.

What if I don't know my current PIN?

If you do not know your current PIN and your email address is listed in your account information, you can use the Did you forget your PIN? link on the Account Login page to reset your PIN.

If you have no email - or if the Did you forget your PIN? feature does not work for you - you may ask for assistance at the Service Desk or call:

[Note: Be sure to have your library card at hand when you call.]

Can I change my PIN?

Yes! In order to change your current PIN:
  • You must know your current library card number;
  • Your current library card must be valid; and
  • You must know your current PIN.

Note:  It is recommended that you set your PIN to be 4 numbers.

What if my library card has expired?

If your library card has expired, please visit the library to have your library card renewed. Users with expired library cards will not be allowed to perform on-line procedures. While renewing your card, please provide a valid e-mail address and confirm an appropriate PIN so you may use the on-line procedures once the card is renewed.

Can I obtain my library card number over the phone or the Internet?

No. To assure security, users will be required to visit the library and present 2 valid forms of identification, one form of ID with a photo, to verify the card-holder's identity.