Teacher-Directed Visits

Teacher-directed library visits may be scheduled at flexible times and provide opportunities for book selection and for room use. So that the many children we serve may each have a chance to visit the library, the maximum number of visits for any group is ONE PER MONTH.

To schedule a teacher-directed visit, please call 847-429-4685 or fill out our online visit request form.

Librarian-Directed Visits

  • Visits are open to all children attending schools located within the library district.
  • To accommodate the many schools we serve, visits are limited to ONE PER YEAR for each classroom.
  • ALL visits must be scheduled in advance.
  • Visits are presented in English. A Spanish-speaking presenter must be requested at the time you schedule your visit.
  • Group limits are: 30 for preschool and Grades 4-6; and 60 for grades Kindergarten–3.
  • To make arrangements for larger groups, call Julie Anne Robbins at 847-608-5207.
Tours are available from September through April at the following times:
  •  Mondays 10:00 a.m. 
  •  Wednesdays 10:00 a.m.
  •  Fridays 10:00 a.m.
To schedule a visit for preschool through third grade, call 847-429-4685 or fill out the online form. Available programs are described below:
  • Preschool & Kindergarten - 45 minutes. Small group story and activity program with stories and more. The program includes a brief time for free play in the Early Learning Center.
  • Grades 1-3 - 45 minutes. Come enjoy a library tour as well as age-appropriate stories & activities.
To schedule a visit for grades 4-5, call Julie Anne Robbins at 847-608-5207 for more information and to customize your visit.
To schedule a visit for grades 6-8, call Catherine Blair at 847-608-5206 for more information and to customize your visit.