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The exhibit,
GIANTS: African Dinosaurs, created by Project Exploration...
 ...has left the building!

Thanks to all for making this unique exhibition
which ran from September 6 - December 30, 2005
a great success!

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Carole Medal, the Director of the
Gail Borden Public Library!
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     GIANTS: African Dinosaurs, created by Project Exploration, is the first public exhibition of its kind featuring Africa's lost dinosaur world. This exhibit, designed by world-renowned paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno and educator Gabrielle Lyon, highlights and brings to life some of the most important dinosaur discoveries of the last decade.

     This is NOT your ordinary dinosaur exhibit. Most dinosaurs are known from North America and Asia. Project Exploration's GIANTS offers a glimpse of what the dinosaur world was like in Africa more than 100 million years ago - and what it takes to search for fossils in one of the harshest environments on Earth. Discover what is involved in uncovering and piecing fossils back together. Wonder at the magnificence of a 33-foot-high rearing herbivore, Jobaria, or the toothy six-foot-long skull of Carcharodontosaurus, Africa's answer to T. rex.

     Towering dinosaur skeletons, touchable fossils, life-sized flesh models, and riveting documentaries bring the art and science of Africa's dinosaurs to life. The experience doesn't end with the exhibit: Gail Borden Public Library invites visitors to make discoveries of their own with programming for explorers of every age.

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