Overdue Materials

Extended Use Fees are accrued for all overdue materials.

Items Extended Use Fees
Art Prints $.25 per day per item
DVDs/Blu-rays, Rokus and eReaders $.50 per day per item
Media Dispenser Movies & Games $.50 per day per item
"Fresh Pick" Items $.25 per day per item
All other items $.25 per day per item

Lost Materials

You will be charged for library materials that are not returned to the library or are lost.  Replacement fees vary, depending on the cost of the item.

Refunds are not given for Lost & Paid materials. If you find the lost item that you have already paid for, you may keep it.

If you have lost a Linkin or ILL item, please contact the customer service desk before paying.

Paying Library Fines and Fees

In person:
Library patrons can pay for their fines, fees and manual charges in person with cash, check and credit cards at either location.

Using Self-Check:
All self-check machines will accept credit card payments for balances.  The minimum fine amount that can be paid is $1.01.  Designated self-check machines will accept cash payments for any amount owed.

By using any computer with internet access, patrons may log into their Gail Borden Library account, select unpaid fines and bills, and click the Pay Online button to pay their fines and bills. The minimum fine amount that can be paid is $1.01.

No credit card data is received or retrieved by the library.  The library records the amount paid in the library system and immediately credits the users library account with the payment.

Materials Recovery System

Accounts with an unpaid balance of $25.00 or more are submitted to Unique Management Service. They will:

  • Contact delinquent account holders until balances are paid or arrangements are made with the library for repayment.
  • Report overdue accounts to national credit reporting agencies when accounts are 90 days overdue.

To check the status of your account, check the library web site at http://innovative.gailborden.info/patroninfo  and have your library card available.

To make payment arrangements, visit the library or call 847-429-4690.  Please have your library card with you.