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Delightful Decorated Dinos to be on Display

April 27, 2005

Members of Gail Borden Public Library’s Foundation want to make sure that dinosaurs are not only in the library building this fall, but also out in the public this summer. In honor of the Fall 2005 event GIANTS – African Dinosaurs Created by Project Exploration, the magnificent dinosaur exhibit featuring large dinosaur replicas of up to 33 feet in height and original fossil material to be hosted in the library, Foundation members want the summer to feature Dinos on Parade around the Elgin/South Elgin area.

Marlene Shales, co-chair of Dinos on Parade, said, “We think that having decorated dinosaurs around town will be a lot of fun and raise money for a good cause.”

“With each dinosaur model at a size of 4 x 8 foot, there will be plenty of fiberglass skin for local artists to paint in entertaining ways,” added co-chair Jean Bednar.

This public art project will be modeled after Chicago’s Cows on Parade. Sponsors will use an artist to create a design – sometimes whimsical or perhaps a clever play on a sponsor’s business – and the dinosaur will be placed around town until it is auctioned with proceeds going to the Foundation. Shales and Bednar anticipate that the timeframe for the parading dinos will be from late July to early November 2005. They also indicated that they anticipate that the sponsorship price will be in the $2,500 range in order to recover costs.

 “We hope to have a public art dino on hand in the library by May 2,” said Shales. “We’ve invited businesses from around the area to meet at 4 pm on that date to learn about the Project Exploration event and how the exhibit might have an impact on their businesses. We’ll also talk about this fun sponsorship opportunity.”

“Smaller businesses who would be interested in participating but find the cost is a bit high will be able to partner with someone else,” said Bednar.

The May 2 presentation to businesses about GIANTS – African Dinosaurs Created by Project Exploration exhibit at the Gail Borden Public Library is scheduled in Meeting Rooms A, B and C at 4 pm. The session will provide information about the library’s plans to distribute information about area businesses to visitors during the exhibit time period.

If you are interested in delighting residents and visitors to the area with a colorful sponsored dinosaur, please contact Marlene Shales at 847.742.8904 or Jean Bednar at 847.741.2837.

People who would like to attend the May 2 meeting or artists who would like to offer their services to decorate delightful dinosaurs should call Denise Raleigh at 847.429.5981. More information about these opportunities will be posted on the library web site at www.gailborden.info



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