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Exhibit Survey

[Cuestionario en Español]

Dear Visitor,

You can help us make the Gail Borden Public Library more useful to you by answering this brief survey.

1. Which BEST describes why you visited the Gail Borden Public Library today? (Check as many as apply.)
    Dinosaur Exhibit Videos/ DVDs
    Books Music CDs
    Computer Lab Recorded Books
    Youth / Children’s Program Adult Program

2. How did you see/hear information about the GIANTS exhibit before your visit? (Check as many as apply.)

    Library Newsletter    Courier School/Teacher:
    Library Poster    Daily Herald TV: Channel:
    Library Website    Examiner Radio:
    Library Flyer    Chicago Tribune Reflejos
    Other Web link:
   Other Newspaper:
Word of Mouth
3. What did you enjoy most today? (Check as many as apply.)
    Guided Dino Tour Checking Out Books, Videos, CD’s, etc.
    Dinosaur Exhibit Using Reference Material
    Signage/Explanations Programs
    dinosTaur Gift Shop Computer Lab
4. On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 is least and 5 is most), how much did you enjoy your visit today? (Check one.)
    1     2     3     4     5
 Not Much                                   Very Much

5. What kinds of programs would you like to see at the library in the future? (Check as many as apply.)

    Films    Lectures Computers/Internet
    Concerts    Demonstrations Travelogs
    Arts & Crafts    Meet Authors
    Suggest a Topic:
6. To help us know our audience better, what is your zip code?
7. Please check all the boxes below that best describe your household.
    Under 18 years    25-34 35-44
    18-24    45-64 64 and over
8. Do you have a Gail Borden Public Library card?     Yes   No
9. How often do you use the library?  

Please submit this survey by clicking on the submit button.

THANK YOU for helping the Gail Borden Public Library serve you better!


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[Updated September 09, 2005]