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Classes for those looking to build or enhance their professional skills and build an online presence.


Applying for Jobs Online

Learn how to streamline the process of applying for jobs online by organizing information, saving positions, and more in this class

Finding Jobs Online

Learn how to use popular search engines to create specialized job searches, filter options, and optimize your time searching online for jobs in this class.


Resume Basics

Learn how to create a basic functional or chronological resume and format the resume to best sell your skills and experience to potential employers in this class.

Customizing Your Resume Part 1

Learn how to select the appropriate resume type and adjust formatting, language, headings, and craft a strong resume profile or objective in this class.

Customizing Your Resume Part 2

Learn how to highlight transferable skills, summarize essential work experience, outline education, and when to add additional sections to a resume in this class.


LinkedIn: Basics

Learn how LinkedIn - the internet's number one professional networking website - allows you to create and promote workplace skills, experience, and successes in this class.

LinkedIn: Getting Started

Learn to create your LinkedIn profile, find and add contacts, locate companies, and join groups in this class.

LinkedIn: Tips & Tricks

Learn how to fine tune your profile, upload a resume, add strategic connections, and target specific employers to enhance your online presence in this class.


QuickBooks: Basics

Learn how QuickBooks' accounting software allows businesses to manage finances by setting up a company, adjusting preferences, and working with accounts in this class.

QuickBooks: Working with Items

Learn how to work with QuickBooks' items module as well as how to define, set up, edit, and delete items in class two of the series.

QuickBooks: All About Customers

Learn how to add, edit, delete, and credit customers as well as how to work with invoices and receive payments in class three of the QuickBooks series.

QuickBooks: All About Vendors

Learn how to add, edit, delete, and pay vendors as well as how to set up an accounts payable system in class four of the QuickBooks series.

QuickBooks: Wrap Up & Reports

Learn to create, enter, and memorize journal entries, reconcile bank accounts, and run and customize reports in class five of the QuickBooks series.