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Elgin Genealogical Society 

Local Histories Add Clues to Your Genealogy
Main Library - Meadows Community Rooms AB
Thursday, August 16     7 – 8:45 pm

Local histories can often be maligned when discussing accurate sources; however, used correctly, they can be very helpful by providing clues for future research.

Presenter: Kimberly Nagy, MD PLCGS


Your Next Step: Write Your Family History
Main Library - Meadows Community Rooms AB
Tuesday, September 4     9:30 – 11:30 am

Learn about a process that makes the transformation of your research efforts to writing a family history easier.

Presenter: Author and genealogist Stephen Szabados


Elgin, Illinois Soldiers of the Civil War
Main Library - Grove Room
Thursday, September 20     7 – 8:45 pm

Over the past 12 years, local historian Ken Gough has gathered extensive information about local residents who had a tie to the Civil War. Hear him discuss his research methods for his ongoing project.


The Prairie Club of Chicago
Main Library - Meadows Community Rooms AB
Tuesday, October 2     9:30 – 11:30 am

Retired Prairie Club Executive Director Lorry (Loretta) Davies will share a pictorial book and vintage slideshow. From the early 1900’s the Prairie Club of Chicago has emphasized outdoor recreation and preservation of the countryside around Chicago.


Ghosts, Graveyards & Serendipity
Main Library - Grove Room
Thursday, October 18     7 – 8:45 pm

Genealogists often find themselves at cemeteries, wandering around hoping to find relatives. If interested, prepare a 5-minute story about locating your ancestors and what you now know about them.





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