Want to learn more about the Affordable Care Act?

GetCoveredIllinois is the official health marketplace site for Illinois.  It is a source of information to help you understand the Affordable Care Act.

HealthCare.gov is a good place to learn about the Affordable Care Act and the online Marketplace.  It’s also the site you’ll visit to enroll in the Marketplace. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a good source of non-partisan research and analysis of health care issues.

Do I need to register with the Marketplace?

HealthCare.gov offers a questionnaire that will help you figure out if the Marketplace is for you, with only a few quick questions. 

What information will I need to enroll?

Here is a Marketplace Application Checklist

You’ll need Social Security numbers, birth dates, information about your income, like W-2s or paystubs, and information about any insurance you already have and any insurance plan you are eligible for from your employer.   

How can I sign up?

What if I want more help?

There are local agencies who have trained In Person Counselors or Navigators who are certified to provide individual help. 


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