There is no fee for reserving Meeting and Program Rooms for the following groups:

  • Gail Borden Public Library District cardholders (In-District)
  • Governmental tax-supported agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations (In-District)

Room Reservation Fees for Out-of-District groups

Main Library
Conference Room, Lobby Table $0
Grove Room, Meadows Room A, Meadows Room B, Meadows Room C $20 / 1 hr.
Elgin Room, Meadows A and B, Meadows B and C $60 / 1 hr.
Computer Training Room $60 / 1 hr. plus $300 refundable deposit
Meadows Rooms A, B, and C $100 / 1 hr.
South Elgin Branch Library
Hoffer Room $20 / 1 hr.

Room Reservation Fees are based on one-hour rentals. Any portion of an hour is charged as a full hour.

There is a charge for the following for all In-District and Out-of-District groups:

  • Maintenance
  • Equipment/IT Assistance
  • Computer Training Room – refundable deposit
  • Grand Piano – refundable deposit

Maintenance Fees

When Refreshments are served, a Maintenance Fee will be charged as follows:

Refreshment Tiers Includes trash disposal
1. Light $10 Coffee, cookies, water, juice, donuts
2. Meals $50 Boxed lunches, food trays, beverages
3. Kitchenette $25 Bar sink and mini fridge.
Elgin and Grove Rooms only.

Equipment/IT Assistance

The following equipment is available when reserving a Meeting Room and includes set-up:

  • Microphones – handheld, tabletop, and lavaliere
  • LCD Projector
  • Screen
  • Laptop
  • Markerboard/Flipchart

A fee of $25 will be charged when additional IT assistance is required. Additional IT assistance is dependent upon staff availability.

Replacement cost will be charged for any damage to equipment.

Computer Training Room Fee

The Computer Training Room requires an additional $300 deposit, refunded after the program if all equipment is found to be in good condition.

Grand Piano Fee

The grand piano in the Main Library’s Meadows Community Room A is available for a $300.00 deposit, refunded after the event if the piano remains in good condition. If an organization requests a special tuning, the Library will attempt to have it tuned in time for the event. The cost of that tuning will be charged to the organization.

All fees collected are used to maintain Library facilities.