Elgin Census 2020 Kickoff
Elgin Census 2020 Kickoff
Elgin Parade
July 4, 2019
Complete Count Committee
February 13, 2019
Complete Count Committee
May 21, 2019

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We thank everyone in the area who has already signed up to help with the Census 2020.


Every organization and person is needed. We thank the Grand Victoria Foundation for their support. 


The Census is critical for determining democratic representation, federal funding and more.  Experts estimate that each individual counted represents $1,500 in annual federal funding into our community. Our committee is meeting.  Please provide your email below or email to get on the mailing list to learn about community meetings and census activity updates.  Click here to view a recent presentation at the Gail Borden Public Library on 5.21.19 regarding local work on the Census. 

If you or your organization has not yet filled out the form about how you can help with this critical effort, please take a few minutes and fill it out.

Thank you, Committee Chairs, Laura Valdez-Wilson (City of Elgin), Denise Raleigh (Gail Borden Public Library District), Karen Fox, (Community Volunteer & Gail Borden Public Library Foundation Member)


From the Census Bureau –

“The census asks questions that provide a snapshot of the nation.

Census results affect your voice in government, how much funding

your community receives, and how your community plans for the future.

When you fill out the census, you help:

. Determine how many seats your state gets in Congress.

. Guide how more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to

states and communities each year.

. Create jobs, provide housing, prepare for emergencies, and build schools,

roads and hospital”



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