The Alpha-Numeric System for Classification of Recordings (ANSCR)
is composed of the following categories into which all sound recordings are organized.

A Early Music
B Operas
C Choral Music
D Vocal Music
EA General Orchestral
EB Ballet Music
EC Concertos
ES Symphonies
F Chamber Music
GG Guitar
GO Organ
GP Piano
GS Stringed Instruments
GV Violin
GW Wind Instruments (Includes Brass)
GX Percussion and Unusual Instruments
H Band Music
HP Patriotic Music
J Electronic or Mechanical Music
K Musicals and Operettas
L Soundtracks
MA Popular Music
MC Country/Western Music
MG Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music
MJ Jazz
MN New Age Music
MP Rap Music
MR Rock Music
O Jewish Music
P American Folk and Ethnic Music
Q International Folk and Ethnic Music
R Holiday Music
S Varieties and Humor
T Plays
U Poetry
V Prose
W Documentary: History and Commentary
X Instructional
Y Sounds and Special Effects
ZM (E) Preschool Music
ZS Preschool Stories
ZI Juvenile Instruction
ZM (J) Juvenile Music