About the EHSC

Elgin, IL, June 2023 – News release content:

“Who are the human service agencies in Elgin?” “What do they do?” “How can I get connected?”

The Elgin Human Services Council (EHSC) is a coalition of over 20+ social service agencies in Elgin. The EHSC promotes individual, family, & community wellness through tools, resources, & opportunities.

The EHSC is an inclusive coalition that brings together nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and community leaders. They aim to create sustainable solutions and ensure equitable access to essential services. With a mission to enhance residents' quality of life, they address social challenges and provide vital support services to those in need. Their goal is to empower communities, improve well-being, and create a brighter future for all in Elgin.

The EHSC advocates for Elgin by raising awareness of community issues and mobilizing collective actions. They focus on equity and racial justice through consistent support and education, aiming for a more inclusive community. The EHSC develops resources and content to create a connected Elgin and solve problems together. To connect and access their services, visit www.elgincares.org. For more information, email hello@elgincares.org or find them on Facebook and Instagram @elgincares.

The EHSC welcomes the participation and support of individuals, businesses, and organizations who share their vision for a thriving community. Together, you can help build a more resilient and compassionate Elgin