Watching Programs via Zoom

  1. Zoom programs can be attended by using most Internet connected devices, or phone.
  2. You can view on your web browser or download the free Zoom app.
    Note: You may have a better experience through the app. A Zoom account is not required
  3. For programs in a meeting format, it will be optional for you to be seen and heard.
  4. For programs in a webinar format, you will not be seen or heard, but there will be an option for entering questions.
  5. Please be aware some of our virtual programs are being recorded so that we can offer them at later dates.

Links for Information on Zoom

  1. Join a Meeting
  2. Join and Participate in a webinar
  3. View a Zoom meeting/webinar using your web browser
  4. Listen to a Zoom meeting/webinar using your phone
  5. Learn more about using the Zoom mobile apps
  6. Watch video tutorials about how to use Zoom