Cultural Diversity

The Tapestry of Freedom embraces Cultural Diversity as a vital thread in our country’s past, present and future. During Cultural Diversity Month, we recognize the contributions of all cultures.

“Cultural diversity can be viewed as a variety of human social structures, belief systems and strategies for adapting to situations.

Heritage was once defined as the monumental remains of cultures. The concept has gradually come to include new categories such as the intangible, ethnographic or industrial heritage. Closer attention is now being paid to humankind, the dramatic arts, languages and traditional music, as well as to the informational, spiritual, philosophical systems upon which creations are based.

“The richness of our culturally diverse community comes from sharing those very differences that make up the many cultural heritages that people bring with them to their new homeland.

“In the Elgin and South Elgin area, we have a large Laotian community and a growing Polish community, a core of established African Americans and many Hispanics who come from more than a dozen South and Central American countries, as well as a strong German population. All together, with a variety of other cultural heritages, we create the richness of this region.”

—JoAnn Armenta
Tapestry of Freedom Cultural Diversity Chairperson & Gail Borden Public Library Trustee



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