Bright Beginnings Kits - Designed for baby and caregiver, these kits contain board books, toys, instruments, and a parenting book.

Early Learning Kits - Each backpack includes: picture books, music, activities, puzzles or puppets, and more! All based on a theme.

Bilingual Early Learning Kits

Resiliency Kits - Theme-based family kits that focus on building resiliency skills.

Big Books - Picture books enlarged for classroom reading or large-scale events.

Puzzles - Simple puzzles especially designed for ages 0-6.

Puppets - Collection of puppets for the classroom or at home use.

Games and Toys - Search our catalog or click this link for Games and Toys to checkout and use at home.

Wonderbooks-English - Ready-to-play picture books with audio! Kids will press play to read along with their favorite books and then switch to learning mode for literacy learning and fun.


Playaway Views and Launchpads - Pre-loaded technology with content especially for ages 3-6.