Statement of Purpose

The Gail Borden Public Library provides access to the Internet and other technology to be used to: learn about the technology; obtain information; create content; communicate with others; and carry out other appropriate tasks. All library equipment is the property and responsibility of the Gail Borden Public Library District.

The purpose of this policy is to define appropriate use of the technology resources at the Gail Borden Public Library by library technology users and includes technology and resources accessed with equipment in the Library, loaned by the Library and/or via the Library’s wireless internet connection. This policy is to be used in conjunction with the Library’s Resource Selection and Maintenance Policy, Personnel Handbook, and Rules of Conduct Ordinance.

Responsible Use

Library technology users must use the Library’s technology resources responsibly and within the limits of the federal and state law. Reliable and safe access to the Library’s technology resources requires that users accept their responsibilities to behave in ways that protect the community, and by so doing they also preserve their own access. The Library uses filtering software on all public Internet enabled computers.

Use of this software is not a guarantee that all sites considered objectionable have been filtered. In addition, filtering software may block access to a site you wish to use. If this occurs, please ask a Librarian to assist you in your research or for other alternatives.

Parents or legal guardians, not Library staff, are solely responsible for deciding which internet resources are appropriate for their own children. We encourage parents to learn about the Internet so that they can teach their children how to use technology properly and responsibly.

The following is considered unauthorized computer use and is prohibited:
  • Hacking, illegal or unethical use of the Internet - including the transmission of material that is unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Illegal duplication or download of software, music, or any other copyrighted materials. The copyright laws of the United States, Title 17(US Code) and The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 govern the copying and reproduction of copyrighted materials. Anyone using this equipment for reproduction is liable for any infringement.
  • Knowingly or carelessly performing an act that will interfere with the normal operation of computers, peripherals, or networks.
  • Attempting to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes.
  • Using the network to gain unauthorized access to any computer systems either inside or outside the library.
  • Attempting to monitor or tamper with electronic communications of other users, or reading, copying, changing, or deleting files or software of other users.
  • Altering, removing, or damaging configurations, software or hardware on Library equipment.
  • Installing unauthorized software on Library computers.
The library will enforce its Rules of Conduct as it applies to inappropriate use of the Internet. Any illegal activity involving the use of the Library’s computers, including the Internet, will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities. Staff will be subject to normal disciplinary procedures as well.

Confidentiality and Security of Electronic Information

The Gail Borden Public Library is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of its Library technology users to the greatest extent possible. Unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors is prohibited. Parents are responsible to warn their children about the inherent dangers of disclosing or disseminating personally identifiable information such as home addresses, telephone numbers, parents’ work addresses and telephone numbers, or the name or location of the child’s school. Users should be aware that careless use of technology may compromise privacy.

Wireless users are responsible for setting up their equipment to access the Gail Borden Public Library wireless network. Library staff may only provide general assistance in getting connected to the wireless network. Information passing through the Library’s wireless access is not secured and could be monitored, captured or altered by others. There are risks involved with connecting to a public wireless connection such as possible viruses, malware, loss of data, etc. It is your responsibility to protect your information from all risks associated with using the Internet including any damage, loss or theft that may occur as a result of your use of the Library’s wireless access. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal equipment, its safety or damage.

It is important that library technology users:
  • Protect all personal passwords and PINS. This includes selecting passwords that are difficult to guess and changing them on a regular basis. In addition, personal passwords and PINS should not be written down nor should they be shared with others.
  • Consider carefully before giving out personal information over the Internet. It is strongly recommended that users under the age of eighteen do not give personal information without parental consent.
  • Be aware that electronic transactions and files sent over the Internet could become public.
  • Log out of all accounts or lock the station before leaving a computer. Any information left on the screen is available to anyone that can access it.
  • Be aware that files and e-mail messages stored on the Library’s computers are property of the Gail Borden Public Library and may be accessed by authorized staff. The Library will not release information on the use of the Internet by members of the public except as required by law.

This policy was adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 10, 2015.