Extended use fees (overdue fines) are no longer assessed.

Printing, Copying, Scanning:

  • Black/white: $0.10 per page
  • Color: $ 0.25 per page
  • Printing from microfilm station: no charge
  • Scanning: no charge


  • $1.00/page for domestic
  • $2.00/page for international

Charges for Removable Media/Equipment

  • Ear Buds: $1. 00
  • USB Flash Drive: $5.00
  • 2-pocket folder: $0.50
  • Manilla folder: $0.10

Lamination charges:

  • Personal, wallet size items: $ 0.25 per item
  • Linear lamination of materials: $ 0.04 per inch

Inter Library Loan:

  • no charge

Lost Materials:

Patron will be assessed the price of the item based on the cost recorded on the item record.

Refund Policy:

If the patron finds lost material for which they have paid, no money will be refunded, and they can keep the item.

Replacement Items:

The library does not accept replacement items in lieu of payment for lost material.

Damages/Missing Pieces:

When materials are returned damaged, library staff will assess the extent ofthe damage. If, due to condition, the item can no longer be used in the collection, as determined by the relevant collection manager, the item will be discarded and patron assessed the price of the item based on the cost recorded on the item record.

When items are returned with missing pieces, staff will contact patrons for missing components. The patron will be assessed the price of the item based on the cost recorded on the item record if pieces are not returned.

A $5.00 flat rate will be charged for the following materials that are missing or needing repair in multi-part sets and for items with limited damage:

  • Bags, cloth, or mesh
  • Barcode packet on collection basket (if not returned)
  • Beanbags
  • Booklet from Recorded Book (CD)
  • Case sleeve insert from DVD or recorded book
  • CD or DVD case missing
  • Finger puppet
  • Game box, repair or replacement
  • Libretto bag, plastic
  • Lyric sheet (song sheet with CDs; compare libretto @ cost of set)
  • Maps (as part of travel guide)
  • Pamphlets (per barcode)
  • Plastic container for game
  • Rhythm instrument
  • Zipper kit bag

Exceptions to the $5.00 fee are listed below:

  • Art prints: $25.00 broken glass; $10.00 repairable frame damage (item to Adult Services for review)
  • Art print bags: $20. 00 (22 3/4" x 33") and $24. 00 (larger than 22 3/4")
  • Books requiring re-binding: $10. 00
  • Books with any electronic media missing: Each item must be reviewed by the selector; full price or partial
  • Cases for Recorded Book: $10.00 per case
  • CD from Recorded Book: $10.00 per CD;
  • If supplier appears on lists for replacement tapes, not to exceed cost of recorded book; If supplier is not on list, cost of the set
  • CD from CD set: Cost of set
  • Classroom collection basket: $5.00 (small) and $8.00 (large)
  • DVD with more than one DVD: total cost of set, if any part of set is missing Kits: missing CD or book; cost of kit
  • Leap pads: Adapter $19. 95; Instruction sheet $5.00; Book $15. 00-must order both parts
  • Libretto and CD insert: full cost of item (excluding lyric sheet @$5.00)
  • Magazines: $5.00 unless otherwise stated on cover
  • Puppets, larger than finger puppets: cost of puppet
  • Puzzle piece: full cost of puzzle

No charges:

  • Barcode or label missing
  • Broken AV cases
  • Pamphlet or puzzle envelope missing
  • Rule Sheet missing

Approved by the Board on November 11, 2021