Church of the Brethren Headquarters

The Church of the Brethren Publishing House has had a long history in Elgin, IL. The publishing house operated in Mt. Morris, IL through 1897, when it became owned by the church. Looking for improved railroad and mailing facilities, operations were transferred to Elgin in 1899.

Brethren_publishing_House.jpg The original location was on South State Street near West Chicago St, the original 3 story brick building built in 1899, was expanded and enlarged in 1903, 1904, and 1906, eventually growing to 4 stories in height. Brethren_Publishing_House 2.jpg

After several decades in the downtown Elgin location, the facility could no longer meet the needs of the expanding publishing business. The Brethren Church denominational offices had also expanded through the years.  A building committee, operating under the direction of the General Brotherhood Board, was first convened in 1954 to explore the need for additional space. The Elgin Daily Courier-News announced the Board's decision on January 6, 1956 with the headline "Brethren Relocate in Elgin". The Church of the Brethren purchased a 57 acre parcel of land , formerly the Daybreak Farm, on the far north side of the city. This site was bordered by Dundee Avenue, and the not yet built North-Illinois Toll Road, now known as I-90. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in March of 1958, with an anticipated completion date in May of 1959.


Church officials, visiting dignitaries, and the general public were all invited
to an Open House celebration
in May of 1959.


Step back in time to see the workmanship of this beautiful facility, which the Church of Bretheran uses even to this day.

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