StoryCorps: Jennifer Almanza & Jeff Meyers

Jennifer Almanza came to Elgin, Illinois from Ohio for her work with the telephone company in 1984. She found the people of Elgin amazing from day one. She did not find her job to be fulfilling so she took an early retirement. After her parents died in their mid-50s Jennifer traveled and tried to discover what role she could play in society that would give her fulfillment. She found it in social work with seniors. She has worked with seniors in the area ever since. However, unfortunately, due to suffering several strokes her work now is done on a voluntary basis. Jeff Meyers is a radio broadcaster. He grew up wanting to be a baseball player, and calling the games seemed the next best thing.  He remembers being part of the broadcasting booth during a White Sox game. He believes Elgin is such as great place because it has great sports, amenities, and a long history.