Roku Title

 What is it?
A Roku is a digital media player that - once connected to a television and to wireless internet - allows you to stream
movies and television shows.  The library has Rokus that are pre-loaded with movies from the library’s digital collection
and channels containing free movies, videos, TV shows and documentaries.
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Here's what you'll need:

• A valid Gail Borden Public Library District card
• A television with an HDMI input or with red/white/yellow inputs for AV cables
• Wireless internet

Check one out!

If you would like to try a Roku, you can check one out for one week (sorry, no renewals).
They are located in the Main Library at the Marketplace.




 Roku How-tos

Here are some instructional videos to help you get started once you have checked out a Roku.
Connecting the Roku to your TV Configure Wireless on the Roku Watching Videos on the Roku

Learn how to connect a Roku
from the Gail Borden Public
Library on your TV.

Learn how to connect the
Roku to your home
wireless network.

Learn how to find and watch
movies on the Roku with
the Vudu App.
If you prefer written instruction view the full step by step instructions below.
Roku Instructions