One Book, One Community

May – August

News of the World by Paulette Jiles

Gail Borden Library invites adults and teens to read News of the World for the Library’s first One Book, One Community program. The program’s purpose is for people of different backgrounds and experiences in the community to read the book and discuss the ideas found within its pages. We hope to enrich lives, promote literacy, encourage understanding, and connect community through this shared reading experience.

News of the World features Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, an elderly widower who travels from town to town in northern Texas in 1870 to read the news to eager audiences. His world changes when the U.S. Army offers him $50 to return a ten-year-old to her family. Johanna was taken from her family and raised by Kiowa raiders. She cannot speak English and comes from a culture unknown by the captain. Communication and cultural barriers will pose challenges when the Captain and Johanna travel 400 miles through dangerous country.

Readers will find themes of tolerance, loyalty, family and many more in this fascinating historical fiction selection, recently made into a movie starring Tom Hanks. The book can be borrowed from the Library in a variety of formats. Click here.




News of the World Book Discussion


Main Library Meadows Community Rooms
Thursday, June 3 |  2 - 3 pm

Read News of the World then join fellow readers for a community-wide discussion. The book is available at the library in various formats.

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Songs to Reflect the News of
the World - An Outdoor Concert

Main Library Outdoor Stage
Sunday, June 27 - 2 - 3 pm

Music played a part in the story of Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, the main character in the One Book, One Community selection News of the World. The Captain reminisces about songs he heard as a 16 year old fighting in the War of 1812. Other songs popular during different times throughout the Captain’s life are mentioned in the book up to the 1870’s. Musician Phil Passen will perform these songs so familiar to the Captain. He has been playing the hammered dulcimer for many years and is a member of Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music.

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News of the World Movie Screening

Main Library Meadows Community Rooms
Tuesday, June 29 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Come watch the movie associated with our Community Read book News of the World starring Tom Hanks.

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A Conversation with Paulette Jiles

Author of News of the World

Tuesday, July 27 | 7 pm

Bestselling novelist Paulette Jiles will talk about her research and history she delved into, from the Civil War to 1800’s Texas culture to the subject of captives held by the Kiowa and Comanche tribes. She will share the stories behind the creation and development of her fascinating characters in News of the World, a National Book Award Finalist. Her novels include Enemy Women, Stormy Weather and The Color of Lightning. 



Book Discussion News of the World

Hoffer Room, South Elgin Branch
Saturday, July 24 | 11 am – noon

Read Paulette Jiles’ novel News of the World then join fellow readers for a community-wide discussion. 


News of the World in Elgin

Tuesday, August 3 | 7 pm
Virtual via Zoom (could change to hybrid) What was Elgin like in the 1870s? Elgin historian Jerry Turnquist connects Elgin history to the book News of the World. Using local papers, Jerry will talk about life in Elgin and beyond. 


News of the World

Movie Screening

Main Library Meadows Community Rooms
Tuesday, August 24 | 1 pm

Come watch the movie associated with our One Book, One Community book News of the World. The movie stars Tom Hanks. 


Un libro, Una comunida

De mayo a julio

Noticias del Gran Mundo por Paulette Jiles

La Biblioteca Gail Borden invita a adultos y adolescentes a leer Noticias del Gran Mundo (News of the World) para el primer programa Un libro, Una comunidad. El fin de este programa es que personas de diferentes orígenes y experiencias en la comunidad lean el mismo libro para poder discutir las ideas que se encuentran en el libro. Esperamos enriquecer vidas, promover la alfabetización, fomentar la comprensión y conectar a la comunidad a través de esta experiencia de lectura.

Noticias del Gran Mundo presenta al capitán Jefferson Kyle Kidd, un viudo de edad avanzada que se dedica a viajar de pueblo en pueblo en el norte de Tejas en 1870 leyendo las noticias a un público ávido por conocer las noticias del mundo. Su mundo cambia por completo cuando el ejército de los Estados Unidos le ofrece 50 dólares para devolver a una niña de diez años a sus parientes. La niña Johanna fue separada de su familia y criada por asaltantes Kiowa. Ella no habla inglés y proviene de una cultura completamente desconocida por el capitán. Las barreras comunicatorias y culturales crearan problemas para el capitán y Johanna durante el largo viaje de cuatrocientas millas a través de un país peligroso e inhóspito.

History, Genealogy and Preservation at the Library

Set in 1870’s Texas, Paulette Jiles' News of the World evokes curiosity about 1870’s Elgin – a young and growing town on the banks of the Fox River! Told through photos, news articles, and more, explore these engaging library resources for a glimpse into the early of life Elgin, your own family history, and ways to preserve treasured memories!

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