Printing at the Library from Home

Need to print something and you do not have a printer? We can print up to 20 pages for you at no charge.*
Contact the Computer Center at 847-429-4695

Printing Guidelines:


  • Until phase 5, customers are provided 20 free print pages per day. A page consists of a single-sided document. A double-sided document counts as 2 pages. Cap on pages per print job = 100. The library is unable to provide large-scale printing jobs, such as tax instruction booklets, online textbooks, etc.
  • Additional pages cost $0.20 and will require payment in cash, personal balance preloaded on a library card, or credit/debit card upon pickup. Drive-Up payment is available at Main only. In-person payment is available at all locations.
  • Prints require pickup within 48 hours. If not picked up by the end of the second day, they will be shredded.
  • Password protected documents and links to web documents are unable to be printed. Documents must be fully downloaded prior to submission.
  • Only jobs submitted during hours of library operation will be printed. Jobs submitted after closing will be deleted from the system automatically.



1. Select a printing method and follow the instruction sheet provided

a.  For documents submitted via the web or app, type DU (for drive up) or IP (for in person) pickup, then your library card number or first & last name in the Username field. Ex: DU – Maria Ramos.

b.  For emailed documents, type DU or IP, then your name in the Subject Line. Ex: IP – Maria Ramos.

2. After receiving your confirmation message, contact the appropriate branch prior to arriving for pickup:

a.  For Main - Contact the Computer center via phone at 847-429-4695

b.  For  Rakow – Contact the Service Desk via phone at 847-531-7271

c.  For South Elgin – Contact the Service Desk via phone at 847-931-2090

3. Upon arrival, provide the name or library card number entered in the Username field. For emailed prints, provide the name in the subject line and the email address the document was sent from.

4. If your prints exceed 20 pages, pay for the remaining prints via cash or card (Drive up payment only accepted at Main).

Note– Only app & web uploads allow for settings, such as number of copies, to be modified. Customers requiring copies of a print sent via email will need to indicate what pages require duplicating within the email or when calling for pickup


Printing from a laptop/ desktop PC to the library: 

Download instructions here!

Printing from a mobile device via email:


Main Library

Download instructions here!


Rakow Branch

Download instructions here!



South Elgin Branch

Download instructions here!


Printing from a mobile device via the ePRINTit Public Print Locations App: 

 Download instructions here!

*additional pages are $.20 each. Double-sided prints counts as two pages. Limit 100 pages.