Instructions for Wireless Printing

Internet Access & Technology Use Policy

Rules of Conduct Ordinance



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is "Wi-Fi" at the Gail Borden Library?
A. This is a wireless network that allows people with Wi-Fi capability on their laptops and other mobile devices to access the Internet using the library’s high-speed connection at all Gail Borden Public Library District locations.


Q. What can I do with this?
A. Once connected, you can:

  • Search the library catalog.
  • Use the library’s electronic resources.
  • Access Internet search engines and pages.
  • Check your email.

However, be aware that use of the wireless network at the Gail Borden Public Library constitutes an agreement to be bound by the terms of the library’s Internet Access & Technology Use Policy and Rules of Conduct Ordinance. Failure to comply may result in loss of network access, suspension of library privileges, or even prosecution. You use the library's wireless network at your own risk. 


Q. Can I print something from my laptop using one of the library's printers?
A. Yes. Wireless printing is available at the Main Library and at Rakow Branch.  See Instructions for Wireless Printing  for more information.


Q. Is there any fee or registration required to use this service?
A. No. At this point, access to the wireless network is open. However, the library reserves the right to require registration and/or charge a fee in the future.


Q. What type of "wireless network card" do I need to have to connect to use the library's wireless network?
A. A Wi-Fi compliant 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network card is necessary to connect to the library's wireless network.


Q. How do I connect to the library's wireless network?
A. Below is an outline of the basic setup information for connecting to the network.

1. Set the SSID or network name to gailnet.
2. Test your connection and if it fails, ensure that the following settings are in place:

  • WEP encryption (i.e., Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption) is disabled
  • Operating Mode or Network Type is set to Infrastructure mode or Access Point
  • Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) should be set to DHCP or Obtain an IP address automatically
  • Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) should also be set to Obtain DNS server address automatically. See Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Configuration for Wireless Internet for more information.

If you are still unable to connect, please note that library staff can verify that the network is functioning. However, staff cannot assist you with your laptop, card or configuration due to the potential liability of handling your equipment.


Q. My laptop is configured and the network is functioning - why can't I connect?
A. There are several factors that need to be considered:

  • Did the installation run OK?
  • Does the wireless connection icon show up as green?
  • Is the Network name showing as gailnet Is the network type set to Access Point?
  • Have you turned the card off in "card services", removed the card and re-inserted it?
  • Have you made sure your browser isn't trying to run through a proxy server or personal firewall?