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Classes for those who are new to computers and looking to build foundational knowledge and skills.


Mouse & Keyboard Basics

Learn how to left-click, right-click, double click, use basic command keys, and navigate various areas of the keyboard in this class.

Managing Your PC

Learn basics like how to start your computer, create, save and modify files or folders, and keep your documents organized in this class.

Internet Essentials

Learn basic internet terminology, how to navigate a browser, locate a website, identify common domains, and stay safe while searching the internet in this class.

Email for Beginners

Learn to create a free Microsoft Outlook email account and use its features to send, receive, and organize email messages in this class.


Computer Maintenance Basics

Learn tips and tricks for improving your computer's performance, stability and speed through common maintenance tasks in this class. 

Cybersecurity Basics

Learn about common viruses, email and Internet safety, firewalls, and other security features and practices in this class.

Mobile Cybersecurity Basics

Learn tips and tricks for keeping your Android or Apple mobile devices safe and secure in this class.

Windows 10 Basics

Learn how to navigate the Windows 10 interface, locate and manage your files, and customize your preferences in this class.

Windows 10 Intermediate

Learn how to create shortcuts, adjust settings, uninstall programs, utilize Task Manager and Windows defender, and explore the Windows store in this class.