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Classes for those looking to enhance their skills with various software and social media applications.  


Parts 1-3: Learn how to build your own computer and perform basic repairs in this hands-on series.


Organizer Basics

Discover how to use the Organizer interface of Photoshop Elements to quickly manage, edit and create unique projects with your photos in this class


Explore options for adding filters, effects and text by creating a shareable collage of your photographs in this class.


HTML Basics

Learn about the basic page structure and formatting of HTML, the programming language that powers the web, in this class.

CSS Basics

Learn how to link pages and create menus using a pre-structured set of HTML pages and start styling page elements with CSS in this class.

CSS Beyond Basics

Learn about the box model, margins, padding, positioning, and layout concepts using CSS to style your web page in this class.


Creating Your Website

Learn how to register an account, establish a domain name, pick a theme, and start creating pages and blog posts using WordPress.com in this class.

Designing Your Website

Learn how to create a menu list and customize the style and layout of your website with images and colors in this class.

Adding Functions

Learn how to add widgets to give your website special functionality for displaying image galleries, featured posts, social media icons and forms in this class.


Google Tools: Gmail 

Learn how to streamline electronic communication with an in-depth overview of Gmail and Google Contacts in this class.

Google Tools: Chrome

Learn how to personalize Google Chrome with the Web Store and enhance your web browsing experience in this class.

Google Tools: Drive

Learn the many ways in which Google Drive can be used for uploading, organizing, and sharing files in the cloud in this class.

Google Tools: Docs 

Learn how to use Google Docs’ basic features for creating, editing, and sharing word processing documents in this class.

Google Tools: Sheets

Learn how to create and manage spreadsheet data using the basic features of Google Sheets in this class.

Google Tools: Slides

Learn how to use Google Slides’ basic features to add and delete slides, load templates, format text, and add graphics to a presentation in this class.

Google Tools: Calendar

Learn how to use Google Calendar to keep track of upcoming events, commitments, and tasks in this class.

Google Tools: Forms

Learn how to use Google Forms to create and share interactive questionnaires, surveys, and quizzes in this class.

Google Tools: Photos

Learn how to use Google Photos to backup, store, and share photos with family and friends in this class.


Which Tablet is Right for Me

Learn about the features Android, Windows & iOS devices have to offer and compare tablet types ranging from iPads to Kindles in this class.

Getting Started

Learn basic features and functions of your tablet like how to navigate, connect to WiFi, download apps, adjust settings and more in this class.

Working with Apps

Learn about some of the best apps for enhancing your life and having fun with your tablet. Must bring your own device and understand how to download apps.

Library Entertainment Apps

Learn how to download free eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, movies, and music using your library card and GBPL's entertainment apps. Bring your device and a valid library card.


Best Travel Apps

Learn how popular travel apps such as Priceline, Trip Advisor, Uber and even First Aid can help you enjoy your next trip in this class.

Craigslist Basics

The classifieds have moved online! Learn how to use Craigslist--the largest online classified ad website--to buy, sell, trade, and more in this class.

Ebay Basics

Learn how to navigate and buy merchandise on eBay--the world's largest online marketplace--as well as how to pay for purchases with PayPal in this class.

Selling on Ebay

Learn how to create an auction, employ selling strategies to maximize profit, navigate eBay's rules, and earn seller ratings that boost future business in this class.

Cutting the Cable Cord

Tired of paying an overpriced bill? Join us for an informative presentation on how you might be able to "cut the cord" and use popular streaming subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu and more.

Facebook Basics

Learn about profiles, messages, posts and adding content to Facebook in this introductory class.

Facebook: Getting Started

Learn how to build your profile, add friends and share content in this hands-on class. 

Pinterest Basics

Learn to use Pinterest to create virtual bulletin boards to share images, recipes, craft ideas, and other things you love in this class.

Pinterest Getting Started

Learn how to build your collection of useful pins and boards, follow fellow pinners, and adjust basics security settings in this hands-on class.

Heath & Wellness Apps

Learn about some of the best new health and wellness apps for nutrition, fitness, medical information, personal care and more in this class.  

Smartphone Photography Basics

Learn about the basic features and functions of your smartphone's camera in this class! Android and iPhone welcome. Must bring your device.