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Classes for those looking to gain or refresh their skills with Microsoft applications like Word and Excel. We will be upgrading to MS Office 2016 in January.


Access: Basics

Learn the basics of using and creating an Access database in this class.

Access: Tables

Learn how to sort and filter data in an Access table, modify a table design, import data, and link tables together in a relationship in this class.

Access: Queries

Learn how to create queries to extract meaningful data from your database to meet your requirements in this class.

Access: Forms & Reports

Learn how to use forms to make data entry easier and create printable reports and mailing labels from your database in this class.


Excel: Basics

Learn how Microsoft Excel's cells, worksheets, and workbooks easily allow users to manipulate, calculate, and format numbers and other types of data in this class.

Excel: Charts & Graphs

Learn how to add visual interest and tell stories by displaying numbers and data sets in chart or graph format in this class.

Excel: Formulas & Functions

Learn how to use formulas to automatically calculate and manipulate totals, percentages, averages, and ranges in this class.

Excel: Working with Tables

Learn how to create tables and pivot tables, sort and filter data, work with large spreadsheets, and more in this class.

Excel: Advanced Topics

Learn how to quickly highlight important numbers using conditional formatting, work with multiple sheets in an Excel file, calculate percentages, and use the PMT and VLOOKUP functions in this class.

PowerPoint: Basics

Learn how to use PowerPoint's basic features to add and delete slides, change slide layouts, format text, select themes, and add graphics to a basic presentation.

PowerPoint: Special Effects

Learn how to add shapes, logos or pictures, animate objects, and add slide transitions to spruce up even the most basic presentations in this class.

Publisher: Basics

Lean how to use Publisher to create projects like flyers, greeting cards, calendars, invitations, and more in this class.

Publisher: Enhancing Your Documents

Learn how to create your own Publisher templates using a series of images, text boxes, and special effects in this class.

Word: Basics

Learn how to create text-based documents using Microsoft Word, as well as how to complete simple actions like saving, opening, and printing documents in this class.

Word: Formatting Documents

Learn how to format and align text, apply bullets or numbers, and adjust spacing within your Word documents in this class.

Word: Editing Tools

Learn how to use Word's built-in editing features like cut and paste, spell check, grammar suggestions, and adding comments to documents in this class.

Word: Tables, Images & Graphics

Learn how to use tables, borders, backgrounds, and WordArt to make your documents pop in class.